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We offer boarding services at Power Kennels for dogs 4 months and older at $15.00 per day which includes their daily food and water as well as letting the dogs out into an airing yard to run regularly.

We have 18 indoor and 7 outdoor kennels.

The indoor runs are 5 ft. x 12 ft. with a raised bed in each

run.  There are high output fans on every other run for

cooling and are heated in the winter.  The outdoor runs

measure 5 ft. x 10 ft. and are equipped with high output

fans as well.  The runs are covered on 3 sides with a

metal roof to protect your pet from the elements. 

We also have a 6 ft. high, 750 square ft. airing yard

with a security fence around the outdoor kennels.

Here at Power Kennels we use Purina products so we may provide the best nutrition possible for your pet.

We sterilize pet dishes with a dishwasher every day to make sure your pet's dishes are as clean as can be!

We hold our facility to the highest standards when it

comes to cleanliness!  We also pressure wash and

disinfect our runs regularly.  We require every animal

that attends our facility to be up to date on all

vaccinations and have a current heart worm and flea


After a stay at Power Kennels, we can provide bathing services, at your request, for an additional fee of $20 per dog.