We have 28 acres of private training grounds and a technical pond onsite. There is access to over 2000 acres of other training grounds

with multiple ponds and a variety of different terrain.  We use the

latest technology with tried and true methods to train your hunting

companion.  All pets must be 4 months and older. 

Basic Obedience Training $650.00 for 6 Week Course

Our basic obedience training program is 6 weeks in length.  It consists of training your dog(s) how to obey the commands of heel, sit, stay, here, down (for jumping) and kennel (into and onto).  We keep the animal for the entirety of the 6 week program.  Acceptance for the program begins at the age of 4 months.  After the first 2 weeks, you are encourage to come train with us!  We will show you how the training has progressed and then we will hand you the lead!

Gun Dog Training

$500.00 per month

Our gun dog training program starts with basic obedience training and covers collar conditioning, force fetch, force to pile, formal marking, casting, and introduction to guns, birds, and water.  After your gun dog is a "marking machine", we can move into force to pile and casting drills. We will set a solid foundation for running blinds.  We will also introduce your gun dog to frozen and live birds, as well as guns and water.  We provide your gun dog with all of the fundamentals they need to be successful with you in the field.  We also make sure you have a clear understanding of how to handle your gun dog in the field.

Power Kennels also run AKC and UKC field trials with the gun dogs.   

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